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Nothing available on prescription worked as many of the products contained ingredients that did not aid my symptoms.I thank the scientists who work for Yes Yes from the bottom of my heart.

I am post menopausal but not ready to give up on our sex life. Yes VM has really helped me restore and maintain the balance needed. My husband and I really enjoyed the Double Glide experience. Following surgery I was extremely dry and uncomfortable.

I have extremely sensitive skin so the Rose Wash has also been a great find. ""I've bought this product before, amazing feel, forgot to bring it with me to the UK when visiting boyfriend, have tried another lube that was meant to be really good for hypoallergenic reasons but it did not compare at all!!

Happily going to continue using Yes products and wish I'd just bought another bottle asap instead of trying something different. Me and my partner love it so much, the feel is so soft and sexy really is the best thing out there for setting the mood and having fun in the bedroom!

""I was lucky to meet my husband when I was only 16. And the Yes But is really great (my husband loves it.) So envious of your NHS and its modern perspective on womens sexual health. well - we can only hope for national healthcare let alone a focus on sexual well-being. ""I am 49 and have been having treatment for breast cancer for the last 10 yrs including a hysterectomy 2 yrs ago.

He was and remains my only partner and I love him (and fancy him! ""I am not in a sexual relationship at present but am using YES water-based lubricant to heal the vaginal area after a hysterectomy left the area very sore. I am also on anti depressants for fibromyalgia which lessens my sex drive.

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