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the doctrine of the crown's The term "federal navigational servitude" refers prina facie title in tidelands was generally accepted to the Federal Government's paramount authority to under English common law within the following cen- control and regulate the navigable waters of the United tury. I), an influential jurist States under the commerce clause.

Due to this nation's dual legal system, jurisdiction is divided between the federal courts and the various states' courts.

Ironically, about the same time Lord Hale was The case of1 Irit,,rmnv- G;crlrdx. to a measured." depth of 200 metres or, beyond that limit.

('hanber.%., ' decid- writing about his perception of the types of tide, ed ini 1854.

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derived from the customs or practices of the early I. The Zone Management Act of 1972 (CZMA)' than in the Institutes of Justinian, the Roman emperor (483-565 several state coastal management statutes. D.), are the foundation of the public trust doctrine, defines the coastal zone, in part, as: which assures Americans' rights to fish and swim in and otherwise enjoy U. but "'t] he remoteness of England coupled Republic of Texas.- with the inadequacy of early English administrative machinery for colonial affairs. IThe English Common Lmai largely free from external impositions of the common Conventional wisdom is that under the English law for a substantial period of time ...."2 common law, which evolved in that seafaring island However. application of the kingdom over many centuries, the crown owns the English common law became more widespread.

in the absence of all and final book in Sir Isaac's Principia was published usavl.. Origin and l)evelopment equated with the technical phrase "line of mean high Although generally referred to as the commll On-law water," and that the boundary is the intersection of water,'' and that the boundary is the intersection of' public trust doctrine, the concept that the public has the tidal datum of mean high water, as determined the right to use navigable waters irrespective of who by the Federal Government, with the land.

it) the rihlts 1i Itcl ( 'ro, n (,m the sea-shore." in 1687, planetary motions were explained under his .7.. owns the underlying lands dates back to ancient Rome. The Right of' Property in [Tidce Wlaerrs- and in the to the quahlfication stated in the text accompanying note 35, Soil and Shores Ihereof J 19-21 (2d ed.

state/federal boundaries, delimiting classifications of lands within the coastal zone, involves use of data B. In the United States, Generally, the coastal states or their governmental this information is compiled and published by the grantees own the tidelands, subject to the public trust National Ocean Survey (NOS).' easement to be discussed below, except for lands Essentially, tidal boundary determination is a func- validly granted into private ownership by prior foreign tion of the relationship between ( ) a vertical elevation or colonial governments or conveyed by the states and (2) a horizontal element. Submerged Lands The term "submerged lands" has been used generi- "Boundaries determined by the course of the cally in this article to describe lands lying seaward tides involve two engineering aspects: a vertical of the line of mean low water. But Texas and Florida (as to its Gulf of The first is derived from tidal observations alone.

But a more precise one, predicated on the height reached by the tide during its vertical rise and fall. etc., and a horizontal one, related Under the Submerged Lands Act of 1953," the to the line where the tidal plane intersects the shore coastal states, in general, own the submerged lands to form the tidal boundary desired, for example, within a 3-geographical-mile-wide belt beyond the mean high-water mark. Mexico coast only) have title to submerged lands to and, once derived (on the basis of long-term ob- a line 3 leagues, or 9 geographical miles.

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