Whos dating on gossip girl aquarius woman dating an aquarius male

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Thank you for being such a strong role model and helping me to see my value and begun to love myself and put me first. I have experience this with a guy that I’ve dated and could not for the life of me understood how he could jump into a relationship so quickly without ending the relationship.

He’s doing everything with her that he wouldn’t do with you, no matter how hard you tried.In basketball, after someone attempts to shoot the ball, whether the player makes it in the hoop or not, the opposing team is suppose to grab the basketball quickly enough to bring it to their side of the court without the other team getting another advantage to shoot. He has been with an old flame ever since we broke up and it’s quite possible that they were messaging whilst we were still together which helps explain why he didn’t want to work on things as this was our first ever bump in the road for our entire relationship, so it didn’t make sense to me that he just wanted to give up until I realised there was another girl on the scene.In the same way, my ex went to grab a person (the rebound) at a fast pace to hopefully make a score. I don’t think he’s dealt with any emotions, but I don’t know if he actually has any because he can’t be that sad if he’s moved on already.F**K it hurts for sure.I do not want him back…he didn’t treat me very well…I know he hasn’t changed…but UGH he really pushed the pain button in me…thanks for this…My ex moved on within two weeks after telling me he didn’t have enough time in his life for a relationship.He claims he wasn’t cheating but I don’t know what to believe. He says now he just wants to get married and have a family – he knew that’s what I wanted.

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