Who was brad pitt dating before angelina jolie

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Some have called this report on Angelina's response into question.The dubious dramatics and alleged jealousy aside, Angelina actually has been linked with someone.With Angelina Jolie finally moving on from her nasty, splashy split from Brad Pitt, you would expect her to shy away from dating someone else super-famous.But you would think her next romantic interest would still be someone whose profession matched her preferences for prestige artistry or international do-gooding: a documentary filmmaker, a human rights crusader, an Ebola doctor. Angelina Jolie hugs Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt and Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt after winning award for Favorite Villain in ‘Maleficent’ during Nickelodeon’s Annual Kids’ Choice Awards in 2015.After all, she was “in a very bad place” after her acrimonious split from Pitt in September 2016, “ET” reported.Their breakup included allegations of drinking and anger management problems — on his part — and led to investigations by child welfare authorities until the couple quietly worked out visitation and other issues.But fans should get over the idea that Jolie and Pitt will reunite. The 54-year-old Pitt is quietly and casually going out on dates, but mostly getting out to spend time with friends, “ET” added.

That’s according to a new report in “Entertainment Tonight.” Of course, at this stage, things are still pretty new, which means “it’s not serious,” a source told ET.

He’s also “older-looking” and isn’t “a celebrity or high-profile” in any way, the source added.

These are qualities that would probably make him relatively down-to-earth — by Jolie standards — and confer on him a maturity and stability that could be comforting to her.

"If it turns out that Brad beat her to the punch, it could be humiliating." The source speaks about where Brad is these days.

"Brad has been ready for a new relationship for a while now." This source says that his current lady love is perfect for him.

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