Who is niall dating 2016

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Off centre hits from the M1 Driver can create a larger amount of off-plane spin.

The ball will miss the fairway further right or left, due to the much lower back spin affect.

The adjustable hosel can increase the pitch on the effective loft when you Lower or Higher the setting.

So if you rotate the hosel opposite the STANDARD LOFT setting this will create more of a DRAW or CLOSED setting without compromising the loft as much as the Higher or Lower setting.

obtained photos of the One Direction singer looking SUPER cozy with Belgian law student Celine Helene Vandycke as they watched Mumford & Sons perform, and 1D fans quickly jumped into supersleuth mode.

Although the British tabloid just introduced the non-celeb to the world, Directioners have had her on their radar since back in June when she was still just a mystery girl who was seen hanging out with the blond.

→ Pound for pound the M1 driver is the best driver for controlling spin and launch for every level of golfer.

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They seemed incredibly happy in each other’s company, laughing and giggling loads.Looks like Niall Horan is officially over Selena Gomez.The 22-year-old cutie was seen kissing a new girl at the British Summer Time Festival in London over the weekend, and as it turns out, they’ve been together for longer than you realized.The back weight actually works best, either in the LOW position or the HIGH position.TIP: Make sure to move the weight to the end of the channel.

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