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Nerd³ is a British Let's Play channel on You Tube created by Daniel Hardcastle and run by himself and Wot Fanar, devoted to gaming and reviewing games. Largely inspired as a cross between Hannah Hart's , it combines quick editing with strange, unexpected humour and real-time gameplay.

His more recent videos, since a hiatus in summer 2017, have been largely very unique takes on his standard formula, ranging from a video entirely devoted to Dan watching VR pornography that's only focused on his face to uploading an entire second "season" of his Planet Coaster series in one day, Netflix-style.

Basically, he's doing what he wants, and it's awesome., as it featured THIS GAY KISS!

*shows footage of the kiss* Now, a lot of people wanted me to edit out THIS GAY KISS!

Emma Blackery My First Dating Rap Video hay nhất tổng hợp tất cả video clip hay về Emma Blackery My First Dating Rap Video mới nhất. Portal • Board index YOUTUBE PERSONALITIES (NON-GURU) Emma Blackery. She first collaborated with Dan on the 14th of September, 2013. Threads should be about something that happens and the most humorous and over-the-top responses to. Watch The Nerd³ Awards 2017 Online For Free, Movie Stream The Nerd³ Awards 2017 Online, The Nerd³ Awards 2017 Full Movies Free - d Ob Movies. Read Demma from the story You Tube Smut Compilation by Hartbig-is-real. she doesn't seem interested in dating.emmablackery, emma blackery, emma, blackery, british vlogger, british youtuber, female vlogger, birdyboots, ask emma, drunk q&a, Video Credit: Emma Blackery. which are public as of April 2018 are The Sims in Real Life with over 3.7 million video views and If Websites Started dating.demma demma vlog log year of demma emma blackery daniel hardcastle dan hardcastle nerdcubed nerd3 nerd. Jacob Whitesides Wants to Date Bea Miller, Wants You to Stop Being ‘Annoying’ About It Apr 19,. *shows footage of the kiss* from that episode, but unfortunately, I don't keep raw video files, so THIS GAY KISS!*shows footage of kiss* is going to be there forever. *shows footage of kiss* Right, that's people dragged into the 21st century and the comments section annihilated...

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