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“So, I understand that erasure piece.” Earlier this year, Stenberg also shared that they identify as non-binary.

When Buzz Feed News analyzed her sexuality in a judgmental way, she responded with a series of (since-deleted) tweets, beginning with "Well @buzzfeed sorry I'm not gay enough for you."The singer, known for her hit “A Thousand Miles,” came out as bisexual during a performance at Nashville Pride in 2010.

Luckily, Steve-O’s drunk was a happy one, with the mischief maker screaming, “I love Adam Carolla so hard! And for more wild celebrity coverage, check out The 30 Funniest Celebrity Commercials!

While Fergie didn’t exactly admit to being drunk during the Trevor Project’s Trevor LIVE Gala, her behavior would have been even more perplexing if she were sober.

magazine, Stenberg said they would use the identifier “pansexual” instead of “bisexual” if more people understood what it meant.

“The thing is, I use the word bisexual just because I feel like for people who don’t necessarily know that vocabulary…it’s easier to say I’m bi,” they explained.

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