Who is jun matsumoto dating

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She has been romanticly linked to Yamashita Tomohisa, Sakurai Sho and Osamu Mukai but this is only wishful thinking from the fans, since she has never had any real gossip or news about a relationship with any of her friends from her line of work.

He is one half of the comedy duo Downtown alongside Masatoshi Hamada.But never reported “take out” (to bring a girl back home). Rather, that's what I like to think Perhaps they are just friends who hang out together..This is strange that Josei Seven that is good relationship with Johnny’s report this. she was gossiped date sights with Toru Tsumabuki, Issa, Takuya of Uverworld. She has just broken off cohabitation with Takuya this January. Ihara, a former weather announcer for the Japanese news program "ズームイン!! Super) is nineteen years Matsumoto's junior, and apparently became pregnant by Matsumoto, prompting the marriage.The announcement of the marriage came via fax by Matsumoto's managing organization to several media outlets, including a personal message by Matsumoto himself: "My partner will quit her job and is currently pregnant.

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