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First, Kevin James was cast on the show after his recurring character performance on , plays Sara, Carrie's sister.

Other cast members that play as Doug's friends were previously in other movies and guest appearances on other shows.

Now he has to try to answer ten questions in class the next day and impress Carrie.

With Spence done with his work, can Doug pretend to be a scholar or will Carrie find out? Doug meets a new friend, Ray Barone, who happens to have season tickets to the New York Jets (Ray works as a sports reporter for the Jets).

Doug starts taking Arthur everywhere, but Arthur is a bit of a loose cannon in public and Doug's friends and identity in public will start to take a toll with Arthur.

Doug gets caught trying to help out Ray on his driving test and has his own license suspended.

Ray feels sorry by trying to make it up to him by taking him to a Jets game.

During the anniversary party, Spence takes pictures but has a crush on Sara.

Then when Doug's favorite aunt comes over, he is "less than enthusiastic" when Arthur states to date her.

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