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The islanders did inadvertently destroy the environmental underpinnings of their society.They did so, not because they were especially evil or deprived of foresight, but because they were ordinary people, living in a fragile environment, and subject to the usual human problems of clashes between group interests, clashes between individual and group interests, selfishness, and limited ability to predict the future.I’ll summarize the reasons, for readers interested in these issues: .The initial reason for positing a role of rats in Easter’s deforestation was that some preserved seeds of Easter’s extinct palm tree, found in caves, show marks of gnawing by rats; and that a study of Hawaii attributed deforestation there to rats.

Rats occur not only on Easter but also on every other one of the hundreds of other Polynesian islands, most of which nevertheless did not end up deforested.You’ll find good coverage in Bahn’s and Flenley’s new book.will provide you with perfect wanking stuff and sex inspiration for your future adult adventures.These and other types of evidence that have built up our current understanding of Easter Island history are denied. Sometimes, a new study does result in previously unappreciated facts and interpretations, which eventually convince experts in the field.But we learn to be suspicious when a highly selective book claims to present an “iron-clad case” for a “definitive solution” that has hitherto escaped all experts, and when the book’s dust-jacket quotes and favorable reviews are not by experts in the field.

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