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Just like other celebrities, the WWE superstars hardly have a private life, because their fans want to know everything about them.

This list is about the women that the top WWE superstars are dating or are married to.

These days, the term wrestling is almost synonymous with the WWE, since over 36 million people in over 150 countries have access to WWE broadcasts or live events.

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Looking at Mc Cool you will immediately figure out just how out of Undertaker's league she is.

Although these two started their relationship on TV as part of a script, Triple H wasted no time in marrying her even in real-life, because he knew that she was, and still is, a treasure worth keeping forever.

The amazing thing about this couple is that these two have been married for ten years, and they look so fresh you would think that they are newlyweds.

Sable still looks like a model, she is an actress, and is one of the all-time best retired female wrestlers.

Unlike most WWE wives and girlfriends who have never appeared on the cover of Goldberg is one of those wrestling superstars, who everybody loves because he is not only one of the best wrestlers in the industry, he is a good man in every sense of the word.

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