When your ex wife starts dating

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You may receive a few calls from folks who are curious about the first wife, and they may receive a few gifts.To the first group, say, “It didn’t work out.” To the second: “Thank you.” We can’t live our lives in fear of people on the hunt for venal motives.It’s not an accident,” says Catherine Tucker, a therapist in Sacramento, California. The questions you should ask if that happens to you include: “What do you want to do? Honor your feelings of loss, but don’t try to scotch your ex’s new thing.For almost 40 years, I kept in touch with a college friend through letters. ) There was no romantic overtone to our friendship.

His first wedding, in 2014, was a blowout destination affair for 120 guests.

I turned my parents’ house upside down after their deaths, hunting for unspecified clues and violating their (and other people’s) privacy right and left.

So, I wish you could have exercised the same kindness during the widow’s mourning that you did when she provided uncomfortable details during your friend’s final illness.

Her intention was probably to connect more deeply with you as someone who cared for her husband.

That doesn’t excuse her invasion of your privacy, but it does explain it in more sympathetic terms.

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