When did sookie and bill start dating in real life

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Bill might be a part of the love story, following S7E10.

The main line will be about Eric, Bill and Sookie being able to really form a lasting relationship and possibly a new life together after the dust settles.

All she wanted to do was get her car fixed and get back on the road, but being ferried into town by the dangerous and enigmatic Eric Northman was only the beginning of a series of strange occurrences that the town of Bon Temps seemed to attract.

Now that she's stuck there, she might have to face her past--and not the most recent one she's running from.

Follows True Blood 'verse (timeline/characters/etc) Multiple points of view. She only needs the backing of a stronger vampire so Bill can't drag her back; if even one of the rumors are true about "the Viking," he'll be her best bet. Kurt finds out that his father's past is littered with vampires after moving to Dallas, Texas.

In the first novel, Dead Until Dark, Sookie Stackhouse thinks Eric is a "hunk". Kind of like the guys on the cover of romance books.” He’s approximately six-foot-five.The author introduces Sookie to Eric in her first novel, Dead Until Dark.Eric then appears in all the subsequent novels and has either saved or attempted to save Sookie's life in every book.She knows there's something different about her, but she guards her secret until one day, she finds another who might be like her.Sookie will find her path takes her from the United States to Ireland as she discovers who she is and where her heart truly lies. Therefore, in order to find closure and to please many friends who are struggling with the same problem, I am going to re-do the ending.

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