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(Sequel - Turnings) 7 years have passed, and Sookie lives vampire.Without the benefit of a Maker, she is caught having the man she loves and losing light. The son of famous parents, he searches for his path to manhood. Bill Compton was sent to Bon Temps to entice psychic Sookie Stackhouse into working for the Court of Louisiana, but instead he used her to overthrow Queen Sophia-Ann Le Clerq and was crowned King instead.

This makes Eric immensely powerful, much more so than Bill, Pam, Chow, and especially werewolves and shapeshifters.Sarah Newlin is still the cure and Eric and Pam get Fangtasia back.The story is mostly the ongoing lives of the characters post S7E4.Or, the one where Sookie just wants to help her vampire boyfriend (and her family) out, Pam really just wants to go to her coffin and sleep, and Eric gets irrationally possessive for the first time. Jessica Hamby, the child of the King of Louisiana, happens to enjoy vlogging every now and then.This time she sets on showing her audience what is a nightly gathering like in the King's mansion.

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