What does battery dating violence mean

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Finally after he broke my windshield for the 3rd time I left and moved 20 minutes away and transferred to another store. He called us all hours of the night yelling nasty things to myself and my roommate.He threatened her a lot and finally after 6 months of calls I finally agreed to see him in hopes of it being the last time.Two years later I became pregnant and I was not at all happy with that. It cooled him down a little and he always said he was sorry.I hated my life and I wanted it to end but I had children whom I loved and I couldn't leave them. I tried to get help from my dad but he said THAT I MADE MY BED NOW - lay in it!!

He hit me so hard I went flying at least 10 feet across the bed and onto the floor.That hurt so much because I thought daddies were there to help when you needed them most.My father was angry with me because I had children and he said it was my fault I put myself in that type of position.So I told Joe that I wanted to terminate the pregnancy and that is when it all started. For the 1st time he hit me right across the face because I said I was leaving him. store and said we are going shopping so stop crying like a baby. He said, "If you were a good girl I wouldn't have to discipline you so much." I hated hearing that. I had my daughter and I thought it would help us but it didn't. The black eyes and busted lips and bruised body was all I knew and he was taking my heart too.He acted like it was nothing and I knew it was wrong but I did as I was told. I thought an older man would be better for me but I was wrong! I was no longer living near my parents and I was forbidden to have friends or should I say a life?

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