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We were glad we did the walks early as by the time we arrived back at the start and Mulka’s Cave it was getting very warm.

As is had been a while since we had travelled any distance, we took it easy and only drove as far as Mungilup where we had a road side stop for the night before moving on to Esperance.

Their love and passion definitely prove they have a good chemistry and share a special bond together.

Since the scale of this mass extinction was realized in the 20th century, one of the enduring mysteries of geology has been its cause.

Scientists have proposed impacts of asteroids, chemical catastrophes in the ocean or the atmosphere, and impacts from massive volcanic eruptions now called the Siberian traps.

We began to head west along the coast and the first stop was Stokes Inlet National Park.

First though we were saddened and devasted by the news that Fred (from Beverley) had passed away suddenly less than a week after we had left.

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