Vespa dating certificate

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You will also need to supply good pencil rubbings of the engine and frame numbers or alternatively good quality vespa dating certificate.If all goes well that must be the best customer service i have ever received in my life.Not going to join Vespa club just for dating certificates they have very little else to offer. Does not look like original paint as some parts behind back covers show vespa dating certificate sanding preparation under the coats of paint. Last edited by billp on Mon May 28, To apply for a Dating Certificate please send: Also needed is some information as to what you think the bike is, and what year it may be made, if vespa dating certificate is relevant.Tue May 29, 1: The document should be a sales receipt dated beforearchive document or Authenticated Copy of the original registration information or original Buff or Green Log Book or authenticated copy.

Re-Register Owners of Vespas that have UK registration numbers should check with DVLA whether the number is still available for retrieval.The registration document should follow within six weeks. Wayne Miller Falc Posts: Well again straight away i was told they have received it and that they have posted the certiface yesterday!! In my experience in the last weeks one recent authentication certificate dated only several months ago was accepted by hmrc as proof and also one that was dated 18 months ago was also accepted.The letters also cover Vespa scooters built in Italy, Spain, France, India and Great Britain.Should you require a letter of authenticity for your Lambretta or Vespa please send your frame and engine number, Lambretta/Vespa model, and a cheque or Postal Order for 7 made out to BRITISH LAMBRETTA ARCHIVE and send (along with your details) to: British Lambretta Archive, 95 Grove Road, Blaby, Leicester, LE8 4DH.

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