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But lookups and many other functions work a lot faster if they have to run on data that has been properly sorted.

So before you close that worksheet, take a few seconds to sort that data if it’s not going to change further. Excel recalculates worksheets in alphabetical order. To improve performance, you can rename the sheets in your workbook in such a manner that the sheet containing only data is the first one, the one with intermediate formulae in the middle and the ones with the final presentation in the last.

No wonder the spreadsheet responded to my commands with utmost disdain!

Having said it, in some cases, this may not be advisable, especially when you utilize a large number of such complicated formulae – you may bloat out the spreadsheet and prevent others from understanding what you did once you’re gone!!!

I was once puzzled by the slow response of one of the dashboards that I was working on which didn’t seem to have too many formulae, only to realize that I had a single formula copied not to 1000 rows (as was needed), but to all the 65536 rows in the spreadsheet.

If you could sum up all the weights of all the formulae in your worksheet, you can get an idea of the amount of resources Excel will have to marshal to keep track of changes.

Imagine using an entire column (sum(A: A)) as an argument.

If you find that you’ve just landed at row 50,000 and column GS, and you know that your data set does not expand that far, go back to the last cell in your data set and delete all the cells to the right and below it. That will reduce the used range and should add that extra boost.

Often times we shut shop the moment we think we have the formulas working and VBA code running properly.

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