Validating forms in dreamweaver

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One topic which I have not addressed and is outside the scope of this article is what you would do with the data after validation is successful.There are a number of possibilities, including saving it in a database or emailing the data to yourself.By Sue Jenkins No matter what code editor you happen to use for your website, you absolutely must use a built-in or standalone validation tool to check the accuracy of your code.Most code editors have some kind of feature that allows you to validate code in the currently open file, a series of selected files, or the specified managed site, and you should be able to use this tool to validate a number of different markup languages, including HTML, XHTML, HTML5, JSP, CFML, XML, and WML.The Validator tool, however, was deprecated in CS5 but then made a comeback in CS5.5 and CS6 by integrating Dreamweaver with the W3C’s free validator tool.In this article you’ll construct and validate a simple form using HTML and PHP.Iain's specialized areas of teaching is web technologies, mainly programming in a variety of languages, HTML, CSS and database integration.

So far, we have a largely HTML page which defines the form; the only PHP so far is to specify the form’s action value.

Along the way a number of techniques have been used to re-display user input and display error messages.

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Any errors or omissions will be highlighted with a message alongside the relevant field. The purpose of the form is to capture user details (name, address, and email) to obtain feedback (on fruit consumption and favorite fruit) and request a brochure. There are two specific attributes that need to be set in the form tag, .

This prevents the form from breaking if the user submits HTML markup and also is a means of protecting against XSS (Cross Site Scripting) attacks, which attackers will use to try to exploit vulnerabilities in web applications.

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