Validating check box

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The following example shows a validation rule, Imports System. WPF does not restrict a user to the invalid control until they have entered valid data.This is good behavior for a dialog box; a user should be able to freely navigate the controls in a dialog box whether or not data is valid.While validating the product if some deviation is found in the actual result from the expected result then a bug is reported or an incident is raised. Hence, validation helps in unfolding the exact functionality of the features and helps the testers to understand the product in much better way. Also Read: What is Verification in Software Testing?

Because these dialog boxes are available to all applications and because they help provide a consistent user experience, they are known as . File Name End If The save file dialog box, shown in the following figure, is used by file saving functionality to retrieve the name of a file to save. After the dialog box is configured, it is shown modally by calling the Show Dialog method. To associate the validation rule with the bound control, you use the following markup.

A non-trivial application may also display additional windows to do the following: dialog box is displayed by a function when the function needs additional data from a user to continue.

Because the function depends on the modal dialog box to gather data, the modal dialog box also prevents a user from activating other windows in the application while it remains open.

In most cases, a modal dialog box allows a user to signal when they have finished with the modal dialog box by pressing either an OK or Cancel button.

Pressing the OK button indicates that a user has entered data and wants the function to continue processing with that data.

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