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Microsoft account allows users to sign into websites that support this service using a single set of credentials.

Users' credentials are not checked by Microsoft account-enabled websites, but by a Microsoft account authentication server.

The oversight made Hotmail, which used the site for authentication, unavailable on December 24.

A Linux consultant, Michael Chaney, paid it the next day (Christmas), hoping it would solve this issue with the downed site.

On August 15, 2007, Microsoft released the Windows Live ID Web Authentication SDK, enabling web developers to integrate Windows Live ID into their websites running on a broad range of web server platforms - including ASP. This would allow users to use their Windows Live ID to sign into any website that supports Open ID authentication.

There had been no update on Microsoft's planned implementation of Open ID since August 2009, On June 17, 2007, Erik Duindam, a web developer in the Netherlands, reported a privacy and identity risk, saying a "critical error was made by Microsoft programmers that allows everyone to create an ID for virtually any e-mail address." A procedure was found to allow users to register invalid or currently used e-mail addresses.

Users can share some of their personal information such as interests and hobbies, and social information such as their favorites quote, hometown, or places lived previously.

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That flaw was fixed two days later, on June 19, 2007.Microsoft Passport, the predecessor to Windows Live ID, was originally positioned as a single sign-on service for all web commerce. A prominent critic was Kim Cameron, the author of the Laws of Identity, who questioned Microsoft Passport in its violations of those laws.He has since become Microsoft's Chief Identity Architect and helped address those violations in the design of the Windows Live ID identity meta-system.There are also several other companies that use it, such as the Hoyts website which is hosted by Nine MSN.Windows XP and later has an option to link a Windows user account with a Microsoft account, thus automatically logging users in to their Microsoft account whenever a service is accessed.

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