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Upon registration with a valid e-mail address, an e-mail verification link was sent to the user.Before using it however, the user was allowed to change the e-mail address to one that did not exist, or to an e-mail address currently used by someone else.

A Linux consultant, Michael Chaney, paid it the next day (Christmas), hoping it would solve this issue with the downed site.On April 20, 2012, Microsoft fixed a flaw in Hotmail's password reset system that allowed anyone to reset the password of any Hotmail account.The company was notified of the flaw by researchers at Vulnerability Lab on the same day On December 3, 2015, a security researcher discovered a vulnerability in the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) software used on com and reported it to the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC).The payment resulted in the site being available the next morning.In 2001, the Electronic Frontier Foundation's staff attorney Deborah Pierce criticized Microsoft Passport as a potential threat to privacy after it was revealed that Microsoft would have full access to and usage of customer information.

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