Updating a treo 755p

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It's been eight months since Palm released the mildly updated Sprint Treo 755p.Now Palm and Verizon are selling the same two-year-old phone and even pricing it like a new handset.The speakerphone is tinny but loud enough to use outdoors.The latest 755p is equipped with a 312-MHz Marvell processor, 128MB of RAM, and 60MB of free memory for user programs—all good enough for fast performance.The handset's QWERTY keys are a little cramped compared with those of the Motorola Q9m and the Black Berry 8830.

Even in this situation, Palm OS's usability shines, with several staged "battery low" warnings and a neat, timed shutdown at the very end that lets you finish your call.

Here in New York City, during several rounds of testing, I saw EV-DO data speeds that fluctuated from 270 to 560 kilobits per second, which is on the low end of acceptable.

The 755p doesn't allow for voice dialing or stereo music over Bluetooth—two more knocks against it.

The Treo 755p's standard-issue (for Palm OS) 320-by-320 screen is sharp and bright, and it's easy to navigate the OS with the stylus.

In fact, that's an understatement: RIM, Symbian, and Microsoft should all take another look at how well designed Palm OS is, because each one still misses the mark. Test calls over Verizon's network were clear, loud, and distinct, with some minor reception issues outside.

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