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He added: “All fingers point towards Russia’s involvement in this, and obviously the manufacture of the material was undertaken by the Russian state originally.

“What I’m saying is the weapons were made from Russia, clearly.

Ms Chernukhin, now a British citizen, is married to former Russian deputy finance minister Vladimir Chernukhin, who the family says has fallen out of favour with Mr Putin.

Asked whether the tennis game with Ms Chernukhin had taken place, Mr Johnson told BBC 1’s Ms Chernukhin also made a successful £30,000 bid, at the Conservative fundraiser Black and White Ball, for a private tour of Churchill’s War Rooms in Whitehall with Mr Williamson, who will also host a dinner for her.

The Labour leader used an interview on Tuesday to say that a relationship with Russia should be maintained, enabling the Government to challenge its leaders over human rights abuses and other issues.

Jeremy Corbyn has said he would still do business with Vladimir Putin despite “all fingers” pointing towards Russian responsibility for the Salisbury nerve agent attack.

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