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Daily Mail TV will follow Gretchen and Slade on their journey, revealing the ins and outs of their fertility treatments.

'It was hard for me because I had some of my very best friends getting pregnant and a couple of them didn't even tell me because they knew how badly I wanted to have a baby.' The couple even tried every quirky technique from eating frogs legs to acupuncture, trying to increase their chances of a pregnancy.

The couple said they considered breaking up over their difficulty having children after going through one unsuccessful round of IVF and reversing Smiley's vasectomy to no avail.

But Rossi says she is hopeful starting her new treatment and Smiley believes the couple is 'destined' to have a baby girl.

Real Housewives of Orange County alum Gretchen Rossi has opened up about her desperate battle to have children and the tearful nights that have left her and fiancé Slade Smiley on the brink of separation.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail TV, Rossi, 39, and Slade Smiley, 44, reveal they have started a new round of IVF treatment in a last ditch bid to have children.

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