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Perhaps because they have spent more time online and have become more familiar with digital platforms, older teens are more likely than younger teens to have made friends online: 60% of those ages 15 to 17 vs. Older boys are especially likely to have made friends online (67% have done so).

Hispanic teens (64%) are more likely than whites (53%) to have made friends online. Typical was one middle school boy in our focus groups who explained, “I met him – [he’s] from Africa or something.

“I met a friend on [the Play Station gaming system] PS3 and I gave [him] my phone numbers.

And we were, like, sending pictures to each other and texting.

And then we started talking and I asked ‘[What] was it like over there?

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Some 6% of teens have met friends through a video-sharing site like You Tube or Vine, while 4% have done so on a blogging site like Tumblr or Blogger. This new study finds that teens with smartphone access are more likely than those without a smartphone to have met friends in a variety of online venues. Additionally, teens from families with annual household incomes of less than ,000 are more likely than those with higher family incomes to report making friends on social media sites (42% vs. A substantial majority of teen friendships that begin online remain exclusively online.As noted above, teens who spend their time playing video games online with others or using social media are more likely to make new friends online in general. There are few other significant differences by race and ethnicity around the places teens meet friends online.These same venues emerge as the most common locales for making and developing friendships online. About two-in-ten white teens (22%) and Hispanic teens (21%) have made friends playing online video games, which is not significantly different from the share of black teens (14%) who have met friends while online gaming.Some 43% of older teen girls, ages 15 to 17, have done so, as have 37% of younger girls, ages 13 to 14. We just hung out, talked…” In many cases teens are meeting online friends through other friends they already know. Overall, boys and girls are about as likely to have met someone face to face whom they first befriended online (20% for boys and 19% for girls).Small shares of younger and older girls have met friends in any other forum, although 9% of older girls have met friends on a blogging site. Another middle school boy described how he met his online friends through other friends on social media. Older teens are more likely than younger teens (24% vs.

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