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Affirmations are a powerful tool to keep your life on track and headed in a positive direction. Also I thank my hypnotherapist for giving me the tools to open my subconscious mind to change, which opened my eyes to find your wonderful book. Several of us passengers got up and grabbed the serving cart to keep it from flying around and/or hitting her. My story is as follows: I was retiring and really wanted a Van (automobile) but after checking the price on new ones I knew I could never afford it. I read every Car-Driver Book, checked Automobile lots–still I could not find what I wanted — then I came across your book on Affirmations. I had a chuckle to myself, ‘This will never work, but what the heck it won’t hurt to do it!This was a great reminder of how to incorporate positive thinking into daily living. The flight attendant looked up and what really got me was the terror I saw in her eyes as she started to pick herself up. ” So for about six months I regularly did my Affirmations and visualized again my ‘Phantom Van.’ Now here is the mystery.

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although so simple they really DO work and as the Author says, “Affirmations when properly done always work! Anonymous Very Timely, Wonderful Information This book Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness is full of proven, simple exercises for improving self-esteem and putting fun and joy back into our lives, as well as anything we may request or need help with. I appreciate the Sample Master and Short Form Affirmations, I have them written and placed on my viewer in my car where I can read them on the way to school and back. This dream’s instructions were so strong that I knew i could not forget it. Well on Friday I went to to that particular mall (the one I always saw in my dream) and there was only one parking spot which I took, shut the engine off and sat there for a minute or so feeling like a fool because I didn’t know why I was there.

I have purchased many copies and given them to my friends. This type of information has a very positive effect on all who read it. I looked to my left and there two spaces over was this big Van with a ‘For Sale Sign,’ and the owner was sitting in the driver’s seat because his wife was in the mall shopping.

My Advice –Purchase your copy of this book today and watch the positive events and ripples begin happening in your life! I would love to be a guest ton her Internet show posted on her website. Helped Reader Back to Basics Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness 8th edition Whether you know a lot about affirmations or are a newcomer to the field, this book is worth reading. In addition, she is not afraid to bring God into her teaching. No extravagant, extreme examples; rather they are real and workable. Dear Anne Marie I just wanted to tell you that I wrote out Big Money to me now. The owner said, “If you want it, please make a decision now because we have just listed the Van for Sale in the paper and it will be out at p.m. I know it will sell.” Now remember my dream sent me there at p.m. After only knowing them less than 24 hours we exchanged gifts and we even drove them to get their new car. The instructor graded the test and stated that I passed with 88%. I sat down and forgave my ex and I also forgave myself for my part in it. I am now affirming for a lasting, loving relationship that turns into marriage with the perfect person for me and I know it is happening! I really believed and worked on that Affirmation you helped me create and it worked!

The book teaches how to use affirmations in your daily life. You just have to follow the steps and believe in what you are doing. I am very well and I still practise every day being grateful as you teach. This was the most compatible,happy transaction I have ever experienced. Now I waiting to find out the date to take the Final to become certified and I will apply the same Affirmation and Affirmation Tool, “Clear, Search and Retrieve.” . I can just feel the energy and excitement building! Oh yes, I have to admit that it took several months to manifest!

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