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It also causes a positive ripple effect as readers put it into use and tell others. So I got out and went over and spoke to the driver and he asked me to look it over. Even more shocking is this: (a) The owner of the van lived next door to me; (b)They lived in #214 in their block and I live in #214 in my block. When my marriage failed, I was unhappy and despondent.

I feel that reading and using the information in this book is taking a step which ripples out and affects numerous others in a positive and uplifting manner. I purchased Affirmations your passport to happiness three months ago. I have contacted the Author Anne Marie Evers and expressed my gratitude. This is important because if you are a newcomer like me, reading how others have developed the capacity is important. It was exactly what I wanted and had visualized and the price was exactly what I had to spend. We could literally look into each other’s apartments; (c) The van was parked practically under my window but I could not see it because there is a deep barrier of hedges and trees between us; (d) We are all Ex Air-force people; and (e) We all felt that we had known each other for years. Anne Thank you for your Clear, Search & Retrieve Affirmation Tool I Thank you so much, and words are never enough. I took my pre-test with 100 questions and I only missed 12. Then I found your website and read about the Power of Affirmations. Evers Affirmation Help Manifest That Perfect, Lasting Career Just wanted to let you know that TODAY November 1st , 2010 is the 10th anniversary of my Career/Position that you helped me do an Affirmation for.

” For more daily affirmations or affirmation books that work (for me) like NOTHING else have ever worked before (apart from the stuff I get from FTR Nation) please visit I was not asked to do this, nor do I get any commissions or favors for doing so. I found in your book something you said about ‘lulling yourself to sleep at night saying, “Great Wealth, Great Wealth, Great Wealth. I did this for three nights and on the third morning I woke up and my feet were a little cold so I went to my sock drawer to put on some socks. You really have touched on a Prosperity Formula here! I also know that to be more effective Affirmations must be structured, specific and focused. She writes, “Never allow negative thoughts of others to keep you from filling your desires. Affirmations take the anxiety and confusion out of life, and replace them with focus, confidence, serenity and the abundance you desire. He said things like, “Poor me, I will always be alone—no woman wants me.

I just believe so strongly in Anne Marie’s work and just how powerful her affirmations are (because they have helped me tremendously) that I had to make sure I shared some of it. There I found 0.00 at the bottom of the drawer that I simply do not remember for the life of me when I stashed that money. Once Dan and I get ourselves cozily settled in our new home we would like to have you visit and do some seminars. I also love your suggestion to harness and use the power of the five physical senses to realize our goals. Let others who choose to be negative live their lives as they wish.” You cannot change others, but you can change how you view them and thus change your feelings about them. BIG MONEY TO ME NOW METHOD After doing the Big Money to me method for two weeks, I found a very valuable coin that I did not know I had in my coin collection. I am not good looking enough, I am losing my hair, no woman will ever want me, and other derogatory statements about himself and his ability to have a lasting, loving relationship/marriage. After reading your book on Affirmations I wrote to the Angel of my unknown daughter-in-law.

I am working with one myself after reading this book. Eleanor Wint author of Marcus Teaches Us Marcus Teaches Us and retired professor of social work. This is important because if you are a newcomer like me, reading how others have developed the capacity is important. I am trying to teach others about the benefits of being positive and now much it has changed my life by reading and creating my own affirmations from the samples given in your Affirmation book. Evers I don’t really now you other than through your books, writings and Radio/internet shows but I feel a connection with you for some reason. Doing my own ‘Wishful Thinking’ (now I realize it was doing my Affirmations), I realized that I had the power, but had not been specific enough. ” Thanks Anne Marie for helping me make my dream a reality! To you–my Affirmations Doctor–1,000 times thank you. It happened exactly as we affirmed and I have been at that company now for the past 10 years! Real Estate Agent Used the power of Affirmations and Visualization Dear Dr.

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Through my affirmations I have achieved self-love and respect. You have helped me to once again to love myself and to enjoy living. I did these Affirmations off and on and I must admit more off that on and I left it at that. The power in Affirmations is almost unbelievable (unless you have witnessed an Affirmation manifesting in your very own life). Singh, North Vancouver, BC I just LOVE your book on Affirmations. You can image her surprise when he came to take her out to dinner driving that same Mercedes that she had seen him getting into.

Carolyn Walsh Thank you, thank you, thank you 2012 Hi Dr. Evers I am so happy to have found you, your books and information on the Internet and this e-book. And also it helped me to see and realize that I am human and not expected to know everything about every situation especially in chld- rearing. I had not done my Affirmations for some time, but I must say last week when I reviewed my year, I stumbled over quite a revelation. I have been doing Affirmations for just about a year now, and I have to tell you, EVERY single one of them has come to be. Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness is the most comprehensive and complete book I have ever read on the subject of Affirmations. Turns out that he was very wealthy, (which was a bonus) and they got married Now her second Affirmation was about to manifest–remember the Career Affirmation-well he hired her to work for his company and pays her a fantastic monthly salary. How Affirmations Filled Our Gas Tank Muriel and I were heading to Bellingham WA on a secondary road, one snowy evening when we heard a “Chug, chug,” and then the car stopped. We were stranded on one of the worst parts of the road; just around the bend and we had no room to pull off the road properly.

Hello Ms Evers – Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness 8th edition I was looking for a book that would help me understand the power of affirmations and help me implement them into my life. I recommend this book for anybody who is looking for the same. The knowledge you have shared, gives me the power to create anything I once could only dreamed of having. I affirmed for a specific amount of money that I wish to receive per month. Now I am starting to work on my relationship affirmation! She joined a fitness class at a gym and started working out regularly. She called to him saying, “Hey there Donald are you trying to break into someone’s car?

The book is easy to read and makes it easy to start integrating affirmations into your life. The Power is so strong I know I must be careful how I use it, only for the good of man may it be used. The goals I set for myself are now limitless through the power of Affirmations. I really felt that I did have a believable foundation, even though it was quite a substantial amount. that reading and following the exercises in your Affirmations book has completely changed my life and altered my beliefs. There she met a young man named Donald who was always polite enough to walk her to her car after the workout. ” He laughed and said, “Something like that.”They got to know each other better and started dating.

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