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The move comes on the heels of primetime broadcast revamps of CBS' "Password" and "The Price Is Right" on CBS, with NBC's "Family Feud" coming in the summer.

The classic game shows fulfill two increasingly common television programming mandates: They're inexpensive and have pretested brands.

And if you want to crank up the spend to 9.99, you can get the Collector's Edition, which comprises all of the above, alongside an art book, a steel case, and a statue of Spidey perching upon... The something has yet to be revealed, probably due to being a spoiler, as have two of the special DLC suits.

Maybe wait a bit to find out, just in case it's something really embarrassing?

The network is jointly owned by Liberty Media and Sony Pictures Entertainment, the latter of which owns "Newlywed" and "Dating." The shows were on the network's schedule when it launched as the Game Show Network in 1994.

"Newlywed" repeats have been among the network's most popular shows and has been seen in every daypart.

As exciting as all the above special edition content and toy-based malarkey is, one thing that isn’t yet confirmed is whether you’ll be able to get a special, Spider-Man themed console, so that you can Spider-Man your PS4 while you PS4 your Spider-Man.

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A case of comic book games taken seriously, with a AAA developer and real, creative care driving a major project. With late), this brand-new tale of a peak, 23 year-old Peter Parker balancing superheroism and civilian life is leading the charge for this year’s fall line-up, setting the open-world standard long before lands. As of a tease for Game Informer's May cover story, we know know that the official Spider-Man PS4 release date is September 7.On "Newlywed Game," GSN plans to add a showdown round where the winning young couple plays against an older couple who won a yesteryear "Newlywed" episode.The network plans to finalize deals with hosts this week.It all has a distinct whiff of guarded intent about it.Spider-Man PS4 is being released in several different flavours.

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