Sina dating

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According to the reports, the two first met after starring in the Chinese drama, Since then, Li Yi Feng visited Seoul frequently.The news quickly surfaced and garnered fans’ attention.Activists circulated slogans like, “My mouth can be muted, but my love can’t.”The Beijing L. Many activists had harsh words for Sina Weibo, saying that its attempts to limit free speech had gone too far and that gay people were being punished because their culture was considered out of the mainstream.“Our whole group went ballistic,” said Zhong Xinyue, 22, an intern at the Canton Rainbow Group, an advocacy organization in the southern city of Guangzhou.She lamented the loss of a popular Weibo account called the Gay Voice, which was deleted on Saturday.Moreover, just ahead of Li Yi Feng’s film release, others speculate that this may be a mere marketing strategy.Meanwhile, Lee Da Hae is completing her schedules overseas and reviewing possible projects for the future.Even People’s Daily, a state-run newspaper, published an article online that included veiled criticism of Weibo’s announcement.The article said that being gay or bisexual was “not a disease,” but it added that gay people needed to “take on their own social responsibilities while advocating their rights.”Although homosexuality is no longer a crime in China, a conservative culture persists that looks down on people in same-sex relationships.

Sina later reposted this, adding “Heeeyyyyy Peter ❤️❤️❤️ #love #Repost @peterthomasrhoa”.

Although the identity of a Korean woman has not been confirmed to be Lee Da Hae, Li Yi Feng did mention that he had a relationship with a Korean woman in the past during a variety show appearance in 2014.

With FNC Entertainment denying the rumours, some believe that these rumours may be groundless reports claimed by Sina.

So, was this just a move to catch some ink and publicity for his establishment? We wouldn’t put it past any reality star, to be honest. Perhaps Sina is one of the ladies he opted to move on with?

By Osagie Alonge Nigerian rapper Adesina Adeleke better known as Sina Rambo is currently in a romantic relationship with one of the Ibru daughters.

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