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The Cabinet Minister is said to have signed a non-disclosure agreement with a woman, while the former minister 'paid a female to be quiet'.Some of the MPs who have been named in the document by the UK press include Mark Menzies, 45, and Stephen Crabb, 44.

The full list of Tory MPs on a ‘dirty dossier’ of claims about their supposed sex lives has been published in the US.Last year, Mr Crabb announced he was running for the Conservative Party Leadership but stepped down from the race after texting a woman in her twenties that he wanted to kiss her 'everywhere'.His messages were leaked to The Times by a source, who said they were concerned by the ‘hypocrisy’ of Mr Crabb, who said he could be trusted on his values and judgment.* UPDATE * Well boys i finally put my foot down and said enough, so that makes me seperated and looking for more than just here and there get-togethers. 99.9% of you say you want honesty, so why do you lie? I am a good and honest person, that tells it like it is. Oh to all the people that keep looking at my profile, don't be shy say hi.So you boys, and you know who you are, either get a clue and actually read my profile, or get the fuck lost.

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