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The film industry, fearing the economic consequences of a largely unregulated censorship infrastructure, therefore formed the BBFC to take the process 'in house' and establish its own system of self-regulation.

This council appoints the President, who has statutory responsibility for the classification of videos and the Director who has executive responsibility and formulates policy.As the cinema became a socially powerful mass-medium, governments feared the effect of its use by others for propaganda and as happened in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany discouraged any expression of controversial political views in British films. Following protests from the German Embassy after the release of a film depicting the execution of Edith Cavell (Dawn, 1928, dir.Herbert Wilcox), intense political pressure was brought to bear on the BBFC by the Home Office.In June 2007, Manhunt 2 was refused classification in both its Play Station 2 and Wii versions, meaning that the game was illegal to sell or supply.A modified version was made that was accepted by the ESRB but was still refused classification from the BBFC.

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