Sex chat bots that finger you

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The vast majority – 98.2% – followed this pattern: About 30m Twitter users fell for it.

That number can be gleaned from the trackable, Google-shortened URLs that the bots were using.

In fact, it’s the same porn/dating websites network – linked to Deniro Marketing, which owns the domains the tweets were pimping – that a large porn spam campaign was linking to, as uncovered by security journalist Brian Krebs a month ago. It hasn’t responded to requests for comment from news outlets, including from Krebs and Gizmodo.

In 2010, the company was part of a class action lawsuit in which plaintiffs claimed to have been sold a raw deal, drawn to an online dating site via “spam, internet pop-up ads, or social networking scams”, induced to sign up for free, and then encouraged to upgrade to paid memberships.

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The same tips apply here, though what the bots are peddling isn’t meant to tug on your heartstrings, per se. Note that the links in the Siren tweets didn’t contain malware. That’s the good news: with more than 30m clickthroughs, that could have been one nasty malware tsunami.At any rate, Deniro still hosts websites and runs affiliate marketing programs.If it’s based in California, why the choppy English and cyrillic letters? Could you ever possibly imagine that you would see as hot granny is riding a cock and sucking it with in a passionate and gentle manner?Well, that becomes true over here and you have the privilege to enjoy it, while you stream hot videos from collection!

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