Secular dating vs christian dating

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Matthew King James Bible No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. whatever your job you want to get paid, in the same breath we could say any pastor that is paid is serving mammon.....I suppose it's a perspective thing, I personally don't go with the idolisation thing, but I have done in the past, we live in a packaged culture now and if you are in the public eye you need a degree in lion taming......that's why I tend to like old Hymns as they are without guile or modern production values, well that's true for the most.Truly, I find Abba, the band, shows that God is able to reveal his creation in music than quite a few worship bands..... well here is my fave Christian artist, left field and unknown, with the ability to take you to a place that is close to God......Then as he follows the Lord, follow his leadership.If you do these things, Satan will not easily deceive you, and lead you down a path of good intensions, but ultimately destroy your testimony, and your peace. And Satan can use a handsome man that goes to church so be on guard my sister. Post Reply I find a lot of "christian music" leaves me cold and unfulfilled, it's as if it has had all the spirit drained out and lifelessness pumped in, I avoid most christian music, having said that, a lot of traditional hymns now turn me on and lift me up, without a whole debate on who plays the tune ?

" Final advice...a godly man that fears and loves the Lord, that has experience in life and the battle scares to prove it.So I'm grateful God inspired these artists and bands to help people that don't believe in him yet.I wish I was good at converting nonbelievers but in the mean time I try to use this music to eventually show them that what they're missing in life is God and the music that's helping them can only ease the symptoms but not fill the gap for which God can cure.I'm not sure how I feel about non secular artists but I kind of agree with Proverbial Trigger that if it helps people and turns people away from sinful things then its not necessarily a bad thing. You are 19 years old and you might want to talk to someone who has faced these questions of what is appropriate music and not, and has decades of experience.Post Reply Common sense would tell you that if it doesn't glorify God whom created us..shouldnt fill your spirit with garbage..kinda like feeding your physical body trash.forget the the enemy whom deceives is real. You might want to check out Satan's first occupation. Here's another thought: That same musical artist that I spoke of earlier deceived Eve in the garden. You live in a free country where Christians do whatever they want, as though their is no judgement in the future.

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