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Filter by“Sunday was a dance night called Re Hab hosted by DJ Baby J.

Thursdays belonged to Jackie and Ursula’s theatrical Pho Bang!

We may have been a club full of sluts, fags, and trannies, but we weren’t the type to fiddle while Rome burned, and as our scene came to a close, so did the carefree nature of our youth. It stood for ‘A Frilly Lacey Nighty.’ It was full of art and toasters. At the counter you could buy a slice of bread and then take it to your table and toast it.” - Vida Rose, from a piece in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology Built in 1903-4 as the Fir Lodge.

It was also the beginning of the end of what the Capitol Hill neighborhood used to be—an affordable gathering place for artsy weirdos to make their way.” -Ma’Chell Duma La Vassar, from a piece in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology“A. One of the first permanent structures in West Seattle, it and its original carriage house (now the Log House Museum) are two of only three log houses remaining in West Seattle.

He was all dressed up in his fancy uniform, and had on all the medals and everything. But the crowd took up Alki Avenue all the way from 59th down to 64th.

All over the promenade and up the back streets—just a huge crowd.

The grand building’s former life as a synagogue now became apparent in its architectural details.

Classical lines, Palladian arched windows and a shallow dome above the square center. Immediately right of the three sets of doors a large polished granite rectangle amidst the smaller cream-colored brick façade caught my eye. 'zines, straight edge, punk in a whole new light, collective??! It was the perfect mix of dingy atmosphere, heavily pierced and tattooed, up-tight workers, and comfort.

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S., although there are undoubtedly some, who did not frequent the Capitol Hill establishment, who refer to the latter as "Andy's."Seen as Columbia Billards in a 1937 PSRA image, the one story wood frame building in the Landmark District of Columbia City over the years housed various drinking establishments including The Boar's Nest, The Pink Poodle, and until its destruction in 2013 Angie's Tavern, the local watering hole sometimes referred to as "a diamond in the rough." Earlier seemingly simpler times in Columbia City are missed by some, as the historic business core converts to multi story new developments and the residential density the City of Seattle now demands.“The entrance—or exit—into the Black & Tan, they had the main door on 12th Avenue, that was where the main entrance was, but you went around the corner on Jackson there was another entrance, but it wasn’t used other than after hours or, there was one day we were told to meet up at Art’s Ten-Cent Store…But they said, ‘Okay, well just go on down, go down those steps and that’ll take you to the Black & Tan,’ it was like ‘Wow, there’s another door?

And Tuesday became my favorite night of the week, because our hostess was Ms. Connie was a character based on a Nevada prostitute of the same name in Nick Broomfield’s Chicken Ranch documentary.

Connie loved Jesus, truckers, and the sublime sounds of the Pointer Sisters-—often gracing us with the karaoke cover of ‘Slow Hand’ that would become her signature.

After another change in ownership, the log house is currently undergoing badly-needed renovations.

You don’t need to hang around West Seattle too long to hear people mentioning the Homestead and wondering when it’ll be back open.

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