School girl report success is dating school girl report

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It is believed that the Christ Hospital School in London in 1552 was the first school to use a school uniform.This monastic and academic practice evolved into collegiate uniforms in England, particularly in charity schools where uniform dress was often provided for poor children.Here, at The Folkestone School for Girls, we pride ourselves on offering our students an outstanding education within an inspiring, challenging and stimulating environment.We have a strong tradition of securing excellent academic results and support every individual to succeed in whatever field they choose.A uniform can even be as simple as requiring collared shirts, or restricting colour choices and limiting items students are allowed to wear.A dress code, on the other hand, is much less restrictive, and focuses "on promoting modesty and discouraging anti-social fashion statements," according to Marian Wilde.Universities, primary schools and secondary schools used uniforms as a marker of class and status.In the United States, a movement toward using uniforms in state schools began when Bill Clinton addressed it in the 1996 State of the Union, saying: "If it means that teenagers will stop killing each other over designer jackets, then our public schools should be able to require their students to wear uniforms." As of 1998 approximately 25% of all U. public elementary, middle and junior high schools had adopted a uniform policy or were considering a policy, and two thirds were implemented between 19.

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The case study of the Long Beach Unified School District was the study of the first large, urban school in the United States to implement a uniform policy.

There are an abundance of theories and empirical studies looking at school uniforms, making statements about their effectiveness.

These theories and studies elaborate on the benefits and also the shortcomings of uniform policies. nurture comes into play, as uniforms affect the perceptions of masculinity and femininity, complicate the issue of gender classification and also subdue the sexuality of girls.

Among girls who said they'd never had sex, about 4 percent reported dating violence.

Overall, girls who reported dating violence were twice as likely to have had three or more sexual partners in the past three months, and were 50 percent more likely to have started having sex before age 15 or to have used alcohol or drugs the last time they had sex.

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