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A large percentage of the world’s population rely on these devices for their creature comforts.

However, unlike the flushing first world ‘porter loos’, they are mostly makeshift rural affairs erected with scrap materials by the poor people of the district.

Slight pooling of water enables visual inspection for bubbles – made by biogasses as the faeces degrade – which indicate that the pit is working.

There are four main reasons for pit latrine failure: We at BIO-SYSTEMS SA are able to advise on pit latrine design and placement. Click on the BIO-SYSTEMS Product table for a complete list of products.

Such a pit will probably last the average five person family for a year, depending on the quantities of household refuse thrown in by others.Urine keeps the dry sludge moist, permitting the motility of latent microorganisms within the faecal mass.Natural bacteria in the urine-pasty fluid slurry of faecal sludge degrade the volume of COD over time into: Microorganisms latent in the surrounding soil will progressively ‘polish’ the seeping fluid even further, returning it ultimately to potable quality before it re-joins the subterranean water table. The fact that social factors obscure the observance of all or some of the above is one of the reasons for poor health in sub-economic rural and ‘over-spill’/squatter areas – usually in peri-urban locations crowded by people lured by the potential availability of employment.For those considering the provision of pit toilets, warnings should advise that...Due to spillage and incomplete biodegradation, the average pit toilet is a noisome facility.

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