Radiocarbon dating ams

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Wiedemann, Hans-Georg Arpagaus, Elisabeth Müller, Dieter Marcolli, Claudia Weigel, Silke and Reller, Armin 2002. There are pronounced similarities between application of radiocarbon dating in archaeology and art research but there are also major differences which make it difficult to simply take a methodology developed for archaeological research and apply it directly to radiocarbon dating of art objects.Pigments of the bust of Nefertete compared with those of the Karnak Talatats. In both fields the application of dating techniques focuses on dating an object of unknown age or cross-checking the age of an object previously dated by other methods.

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Paleoindian sequences contained within floodplain alluvium include a Folsom deposit with an estimated age of 10,425 radiocarbon years...

Two pieces of bone from site 25FT376 were submitted for AMS radiocarbon dating.

This site reflects a remnant of a Holocene terrace on an island in Hugh Butler Lake (Red Willow Lake) in Frontier County, Nebraska.

Three vegetation samples recovered during 20 field work in Peru were submitted for radiocarbon dating.

The samples included two unidentified hardwood shrub twigs and a clump of grass associated with the margin of a receding glacier.

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