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When my spirit was bright and pure, and I could just "be".

This song I believe is about lost youth and growing up.

The song is about a guy dating a chick whos into the Dead. Both men were said to feel bad about the rift in their relationship. Looking back you realize "those days are gone forever".

So, the song is a metaphor about a broken bro-mance, so to speak. We settle into our lives, and the future isn't as exciting and mysterious anymore, we've made our choices, now we must live with them.

Recently I play it over and over and can't get enough of it. Being someone about to turn 31 and thinking back to my 20s, girls I dated, sigh... My husband thinks it's "Top Gun" but I don't think it is.

I know it's not listed on any movie SOUNDTRACK, but I know it's shown up in a movie.

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if he or she doesnt then you pine for the past when you thought you were loved. he can see her walking though the parking lot or the shake down. It clearly has to do with the relationships between youths and adults. He and Frey were very close at one point, including being roommates for several years at the start of the Eagles and writing songs together.

I've heard many versions of the song, and some are good, but the noone comes close to the original!

I've thought alot about the meaning of the lyrics,and found many interesting comments here.

Those days are gone forever; I should just let 'em go but,..."And that lead guitar and them percussions, great, great, song.

If I had to choose to have just one song in my album Collection for the rest of my life, it would be "Boys of Summer". I love the sound, the production, the voice and of course the lyrics!

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