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In reality, the parents are just as confused as the kids, and often are struggling with deep-set psychological issues and need as much therapy and compassion as the kids do to recover from the dehumanizing reality of trying to have a perfect Quiverfull family to please a demanding and holy God.It's a really complicated, nuanced reality, and it's hard to have compassion for both parties once you realize the depths of pain that can be created from this lifestyle.Education about the larger world and a vocabulary to talk about your experiences are the keys to freedom for an ex-QF kid.And we're not quiet — most of us were trained to lobby with Teen Pact, HSLDA [Home School Legal Defense Association], or participated in speech and debate, so we're eloquent and driven to communicate the things that set us free to those coming behind us. I'm excited to say that I have accepted an invitation to serve with the Peace Corps in Kyrgyzstan starting in the spring of 2015 as a TEFL [teaching English as a foreign language] volunteer.I practice mediation and yoga and read tarot, but hold all of that super loosely. As you left your childhood religion behind, were there books that were especially meaningful to you?I'll probably never be a true believer in any ideology ever again. I have always been a voracious reader and at some point, my mom just couldn't possibly keep up with what I was reading, not with the chaos of big family life.In our world, choosing a church was almost more important than choosing a mate, so this didn't make any sense to me. I'm still learning how to discover new music on my own — it took me years to find new artists I liked after decades of only contemporary Christian music. I can do it, but I just end up feeling snarky and laughing until I'm weak.

When we first met, what did you think of my idea of writing a YA novel set in the Quiverfull movement?My parents said the kids in those movies had bad attitudes and dishonored God by how they treated their parents, and so we weren't to watch those things in fear we would mimic that behavior.What would surprise people the most about what it's like to be raised Quiverfull?I was worried, on behalf of my fellow ex-QF "survivors," about voyeurism and getting the story right.In a world where stay-at-home American moms watch for laughs, it's sometimes hard to talk to anyone about my story.

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