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A good rule of thumb is that if someone can see the “whites” all around your pupil – then your stare is probably too intense.A video interview is an interview using a computer and webcam.These questions could be part of the application process or be a screening step after your resume has allowed you to rise above the crowd.Tools used for these asynchronous video questions include Async Interview, Wepow, Sonru and others.Using Sparko Cam it is possible to change camera settings like "Av", "Tv", "ISO" or "White Balance" and adjust live video feed.You can also move focus point and perform auto focusing.In fact, we’ll show you how to dramatically improve your video presentation with some basic attention to your webcam set-up.

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Depending on where that face is on your monitor and the location of your webcam, this can cause you to appear on-screen as if you are looking down or away.Example question one: A pupil is persistently disrupting your lesson despite the warnings you’ve given. (Teacher training interview) Example question two: A high street book retailer wants to move the majority of its business online. (Graduate management scheme interview) For advice on how you would answer please see our interview index page for more information.Before installing Sparko Cam it is necessary to close all applications that will be using Sparko Cam.It’s quick, it’s neat, and depending on the the technology used, allows the company some element of standardization of the interview process and candidate selection.Staffing firm Robert Half did a survey in 2012 showing that 6 in 10 employers were using video to conduct job interviews The simplest approach is that the company could use something like a Skype, Google Hangout, Zoom, Blue Jeans, or any one of the million video-conferencing tools online.

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