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It successfully jumped the air gap and penetrated the Natanz network.

Another piece of malware named agent.btz, probably Chinese in origin, successfully jumped the air gap protecting US military networks.

Booting Tails from a read-only DVD -- you can keep your data on an encrypted USB stick -- is even more secure.

Of course, this is not foolproof, but it greatly reduces the potential avenues for attack. And it's probably impossible to enforce for any network more complicated than a single computer with a single user. I am also ignoring black bag attacks against my home.

I also recommended using an air gap, which physically isolates a computer or local network of computers from the Internet.

(The name comes from the literal gap of air between the computer and the Internet; the word predates wireless networks.) But this is more complicated than it sounds, and requires explanation.

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This is by no means perfect, but it's an attempt to make it harder for the attacker to target your computer. Don't worry too much about patching your system; in general, the risk of the executable code is worse than the risk of not having your patches up to date. A USB stick you purchase from a store is safer than one given to you by someone you don't know -- or one you find in a parking lot. For file transfer, a writable optical disk (CD or DVD) is safer than a USB stick.But for Windows full-disk encryption it's that, Microsoft's Bit Locker, or Symantec's PGPDisk -- and I am more worried about large US corporations being pressured by the NSA than I am about True Crypt.) 3.Once you have your computer configured, never directly connect it to the Internet again. Minimize the amount of executable code you move onto the air-gapped computer. Microsoft Office files and PDFs are more dangerous, since they might have embedded macros.Malware can silently write data to a USB stick, but it can't spin the CD-R up to 1000 rpm without your noticing.This means that the malware can only write to the disk when you write to the disk.

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