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You receive a call or a letter asking for donations to a charitable organization.The "organization" may claim to benefit police, firefighters, veterans, military families, natural disaster victims, someone fighting an illness, or other recipient.Scammers impersonate employees at title companies or other businesses supporting the buying and selling of property because these companies typically use wire transfers to move large sums of money and customers commonly have funds readily available.A scammer typically gains access to a title company’s or realty agent’s email account and searches for home purchases or refinances scheduled for settlement.This scam may come in the form of ads, fliers, or emails that promise income for home-based or mystery-shopping work.The "employer" may send a check with your first month’s salary or a check to purchase supplies, asking you to deposit the check and wire a portion of the money to cover the cost of your "one-time certification" or other fee.

In exchange, scammers promise you a portion of the funds you deposit.He will then create a fake email address that closely resembles the real thing, such as [email protected] access to the real email account, the scammer can observe the formatting of previous email exchanges and craft a phishing email that looks very authentic, down to the email signature and company logo.These accounts may link to fraudulent websites that request your sensitive information.You receive a phone call, email, or letter stating you have won a lottery or sweepstakes.

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