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Travel times, distances, days of the week History of the Transjordan Territory of the Edomites.

You can use this material in public presentations and sermons, as long as you do not put any part of this book on the internet or sell it. Thirty-eight continuous years at Kadesh Judah's southern border and the location of Kadesh.Archeology has shown from excavations at Rameses (Tel el-Dab'a), that from the time of Jacob entering Egypt in 1876 BC, Asiatics ran the commerce hub located there as an egalitarian society. David Rohl was first to make the connection with the archeology at Tel el-Daba and the tomb of Joseph. This is perfect fit for the death of Joseph in 1806 BC.The Egyptians were always careful to portray different things that showed the national background of the subjects of their paintings or statues, as well as their status in society.(see exodus route map above) Tel el-Dab'a was a city similar to modern port cities with millions of containers being loaded and offloaded from ocean tanker ships.The Slavery and oppression was a political and social policy to make sure the Egyptians never lost control of their country again, like they did under the 100 year period of the Hyksos.

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