Piltdown hoax dating

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From the time of Joseph down to the end of the Hyksos period, the Hebrews had enjoyed freedom with no slavery, but that was about to end. With the rebel Hyksos expelled, Ahmoses I took over their palaces at Tel el-Daba, which explains how Moses was found by Pharaoh's Daughter near where the Hebrews lived in the river.

Ahmose I marks the beginning of the period of slavery and oppression for the Hebrews as a way to prevent the Hebrews from seeking the throne of Egypt.

I did not discover this exodus route, I merely restored it to what is revealed in scripture.

Archeology has confirmed that the Hyksos built three palaces at Tel el-Dab'a directly beside the Hebrews.(see exodus route map above) Tel el-Dab'a was a city similar to modern port cities with millions of containers being loaded and offloaded from ocean tanker ships.The Slavery and oppression was a political and social policy to make sure the Egyptians never lost control of their country again, like they did under the 100 year period of the Hyksos.I have travelled extensively throughout Israel and the Levant.I have been directly involved in many archeological digs under the authority of the IAA (Israel Antiquities Authority).

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