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Then too, if you have a preferred set of DNS servers (perhaps Open DNS or Quad9) the router you are connected to may ignore this preference and force you to use its DNS servers.

Windows 7 and 8.1 users will have to first install the Telnet client using: Control Panel - Click OK. To use telnet on Windows, open a Command Prompt window, type "telnet ipaddress portnumber". There needs to be a space on both sides of the IP address.

BROWSER: You can also test a port with a web browser.

For example, would test TCP port 999 (of course, modify the IP address as necessary for your router).

The program is free, portable and from a trustworthy source. Before connecting to a VPN, tell it to examine either your Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection to confirm the program is working.

Then connect to the VPN and you should see no further DNS activity.

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