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The program is free, portable and from a trustworthy source. Before connecting to a VPN, tell it to examine either your Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection to confirm the program is working.Then connect to the VPN and you should see no further DNS activity.BROWSER: You can also test a port with a web browser.For example, would test TCP port 999 (of course, modify the IP address as necessary for your router).While working a DNS spoofability test, Gibson accidentally discovered that he crashed some routers just by sending them legit DNS requests.This is a bit dated (Gibson has no creation dates on the pages of his site) but it takes only a few seconds to verify that your router does not fall prey to this attack. Speed Guide can also test individual ports at their Security Scan page where you can enter any port number and chose to test UDP and/or TCP.TELNET: Individual LAN side ports can be tested from a computer on the LAN with Telnet.Windows 7 and 8.1 users will have to first install the Telnet client using: Control Panel - Click OK. To use telnet on Windows, open a Command Prompt window, type "telnet ipaddress portnumber". There needs to be a space on both sides of the IP address.

Defensive Computing mandates that you know what your DNS servers should be.You can also telnet to a computer by name, such as "telnet 8080" ID Serve: ID Serve is a small, portable, Internet Server Identification Utility for Windows, created by Steve Gibson.It was written in 2003 and has not been updated since.I don't think a browser can test a UDP port, it is limited to TCP.NMAP: This command tests UDP ports 11 through 13 on the device at IP address The Home Network Administration Protocol is a network device management protocol dating back to 2007. One, is that it has a long history of buggy implementations.

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