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In this lesson we'll be exploring the difference between trends, patterns and relationships in scientific data. Most questions about the natural world can be answered by collecting scientific data in experiments.By the end of the lesson, you'll be able to identify these properties of data and explain how they support or refute a hypothesis. Scientific data isn't just observations about a phenomenon.The data can be plotted as a scatter plot, where a dot is included for each temperature recorded.Although some days are high and some days are lower than average, overall the temperature is increasing each year. In a trend is the general tendency of a set of data to change.

But, when we examine the scientific data we can see that overall the trend is that global temperature is increasing. Data doesn't have to follow a trend, always going up or down over time.

Our goal is to encourage helping professionals to be gender inclusive.

This includes using gender-neutral language when working with individuals, while continuing to analyze gender as a construct that has implications on gender-based violence in both heterosexual and same-gender relationships.

Domestic violence/relationship abuse refers to intimate relationships, not child abuse.

Because the vast majority of relationship abuse is committed by men against women in heterosexual relationships, this website sometimes contains the female gender pronoun when referring to the abused person.

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