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It would take a few years before someone would suggest racing cars on dirt ovals designed for horses, and the first racecourse designed specifically for motorcars – England’s Brooklands circuit – wasn’t constructed until 1907, a full 21 years after Karl Benz received a patent for his self-propelled tricycle that was steered with a tiller from the comfort of a park bench.But even after the invention of permanent circuits, street racing has endured; sadly, there are far fewer legal street races (with roads closed to traffic and temporary barriers set up) staged than there are illegal ones.Only when the light turned green would your rival know you were packing a 300hp punch.Buick Park Avenue Ultra Like the mighty Merc seen above, the Buick Park Avenue Ultra was a wolf in high-society sheep’s clothing.With 507hp and room for six, it’s the ideal car for soccer moms who prefer to get their adrenaline highs from smoking young punks in their V6 Mustangs rather than doing the nasty with the pool guy while the kids are upstairs. Dodge Caravan Turbo Of course, the R63 AMG wasn’t the first high-po people hauler.

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With a 300hp turbocharged 2.5L inline-5, AWD, an optional 6-speed manual, and a sophisticated multi-mode suspension system, this wagon definitely hauls more than jumbo packs of toilet paper.Looks-wise it wasn’t that different from the one that carted your grandparents to and from Denny’s, but features a supercharged version of the standard model’s 3.8L V6 that produces 240hp and 280 lb.-ft of torque.No, it isn’t scorchingly fast, but it’s quick enough to sneak up on and humiliate the average cocky Civic driver who thinks his Type-R badges and fartcan exhaust makes him invincible (especially if you can score a Park Avenue Ultra with curb feelers or an external wheelchair rack).Those figures are hardly noteworthy by today’s standards, but more than respectable at the time.Better still, the engine could be paired with a 5-speed manual transmission (though it seldom was).

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