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This represents an increase of over £10,000 from the 2015 figure of £40,128.

When approached for clarification on the figure, the Union stressed the costs of paid staff to make and serve the dinners, as well as the expense on table cloths and other items.

It felt a bit like an exclusive club.”There has also been a rise in ‘food and stationery’ expenditure by the Committee.

While in 2013 this was £5,025, by 2016 it rose to £8,222.

However, despite President Chris Zabilowicz’s public declaration earlier this month that he wanted “our Society to be as transparent as possible”, the Union refused to let members view the detailed records of expenses claimed by elected officials.

This is despite their own rules appearing to mandate it.

staff see receipts, not believing these to constitute part of the expenditure records.

This interpretation was later confirmed by Zabilowicz.

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Here's a clip of the trolley problem in action on the show: has gone where other sitcoms haven't dared, exploring the multi-faceted branches of ethics and moral philosophy in a simplified way, and the risk is clearly playing off.The Oxford Union is in disarray - speakers are pulling and so many officials are resigning that events are having to be cancelled.To help personalise content, tailor and measure ads and provide a safer experience, we use cookies.used Rule 63(b) to request access to the full 2008-09 income and expenditure records in 2010, after initially being refused access to the full receipts.At the time, Simon Mc Intosh of consultancy firm Grant Thornton said: “Bluntly, records of expenditure do include expenses claims and all that goes with them.”In the face of growing student pressure the Union later backed down, giving members access to expenditure records including receipts., the Union refused to comment on why their understanding of “income and expenditure records” has changed to not include receipts.

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