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In addition to Nancy Paiva, there was Mary Rose Santos, a 26-year-old mother of two, who was dropped off on July 16 by her husband near the downtown bus station and last seen dancing at a bar five hours later.

There was Sandra Botelho, also a mother of two and a heavy cocaine user, who left her apartment on August 11 at 11pm and never returned, as well as Dawn Mendes, 25, missing since September 4.

A vice-chancellor at a university that has cut dozens of jobs has spent tens of thousands of pounds on international business travel – some of it with a colleague who was his lover.

New analysis reveals that Bill Rammell, of Bedfordshire University, racked up nearly £44,000 on first or business-class air fares over three years, including flights to a conference in Miami.

He also believed three others could be at risk: New Bedford woman Robbin Rhodes, who was reported missing on July 28 but hadn’t been seen since the spring; Cape Cod woman Rochelle Dopierala, a 28-year-old who hadn’t been seen for some time; and New Bedford teenager Christina Monteiro, who hadn’t been seen in months.

Detective Dextradeur had been relying on Rochelle to testify in a case in which a local attorney, Kenneth Ponte, had threatened a man with a gun – but she hadn’t been seen for ages.

The 49-year had been promoted from a £60,000-a-year head of performing arts to become a £100,000-a-year executive dean just before they began their relationship.

Married Mr Rammell, whose annual salary is £230,000, admitted his affair with Professor Bailey in October 2013.

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Less than a month after Debra Medeiros was found, the second body turned up.There has been growing disquiet over fat cat university bosses enjoying salaries of up to £450,000 a year while enjoying lavish perks. Documents obtained by The Mail on Sunday show that Mr Rammell’s business-class Virgin Atlantic flights to the three-day Miami Going Global university conference in April 2014 cost £3,977 and his hotel bill added up to £586.65Universities forked out more than £2.2 million on luxury flights for their vice-chancellors between 2013 and last summer, according to figures obtained by the University and College Union (UCU).Last week, The Mail on Sunday disclosed that vice-chancellors are living rent-free in lavish properties worth more than £60 million in total while universities are raising tuition fees to £9,250.Nine women were found, two remain missing to this day – and the murderer has never been caught.The deaths are the subject of a new book by journalist Maureen Boyle – who covered the cases nearly three decades ago – titled Shallow Graves: The Hunt for the New Bedford Highway Serial Killer, which forensically lays out the lives of the victims, the investigation and the suspects.‘All these years, I kept on hoping I would have a different type of ending – that someone would be caught, that there would be a resolution to the case,’ Ms Boyle tells Daily

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