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Becoming a Florida Notary can seem like an overwhelming process, but, in truth, it can be completed in just seven simple steps.

Florida Notary Service takes you through the entire process with our easy registration! The following is a guide to help you understand the process of becoming a notary in Florida with as little pain and confusion as possible.

Our mission is to make your experience as a Florida notary public a protected and rewarding one.

We have assisted thousands of notaries in obtaining or renewing their notary public commission and we look forward to serving you.

AAN is pleased to represent notaries in Florida as lawmakers consider enacting new laws affecting notary public practices.

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The application itself will require you to provide the following information: The State of Florida requires all notaries to carry a minimum of a 4-year ,500 bond.For the residency requirements, some examples of proof include: If you are not a United States Citizen but desire to become a Notary Public in Florida, you must file and completed a Declaration of Domicile.This must be obtained and filed at your county seat, not the courthouse nearest to you.The state offers this course free of charge; however, our notary package includes this course without any additional cost as well.Upon completing this course, you must submit a signed Certificate of Course Complete to the American Association of Notaries.

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