Nod32 blocking some programs from updating

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Further adjustments can be made to the HIPS filtering, by turning on automatic mode (enabled operations), smart mode (receive notifications on suspicious events only), interactive mode (receive prompts to confirm operations), policy-based mode (blocked operations), or learning mode (set rules after each operation).

The software utility integrates a security feature that scans Microsoft Office documents before opening them, along with files auto-downloaded by Internet Explorer (like Active X objects).

Threat Sense represents a proprietary technology that combines various threat detection methods and detects yet unknown malware in its early development stages.

It's possible to modify its parameters to tell the antivirus application the types of objects to scan (operating memory, boot sectors, emails, archives, self-extracting archives, packets, alternate data streams), to analyze the activity of programs (regular heuristics and ESET's), as well as to prompt for action or auto-clean on malware detection.

Internet protection is facilitated for web access, email clients, and anti-phishing.

Apart from the fact that any of the three components can be disabled, you can deactivate HTTP and HTTPS verification, change ports used by HTTPS, configure Threat Sense, and manage a list with allowed and blocked addresses, along with URLs excluded from checkups.

The licensing model is different too, as the classical method with username and password required for activation is replaced with a license key.

Plus, ESET NOD32 Antivirus improved its botnet protection component, in order to automatically allow network signatures quickly detect and block malicious traffic related to bots and exploit packs, thus eliminating user intervention.

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Idle-state scanning activity can be logged to file.

To measure malware detection ratio, we asked the tool to scan a 687MB folder with 5,000 malware files and maximized Threat Sense settings (for the custom and real-time scanners).

The real-time protection module had an excellent response time and started removing files at incredible speed.

It's not a firewall and it's separated from the real-time guard.

By default, this module is enabled, along with the advanced memory scanner, exploit blocker, and self-defense mode that prevents malware from attempting to disable ESET NOD32 Antivirus.

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