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You must have a resolution offered to you about your complaint within 30 days of lodging it.You are also within your rights to not pay the disputed charges on your bill, until the complaint is resolved (one way or the other).Quiz starts Jan08 so reply YES now 4 ur chance to win. They gave me a contact number for the company, and I rang and left a message.I received an SMS on 3 January stating that I would receive a refund, and someone called and got my address to send a refund out - they first asked for my bank account and I laughed at them.I have also restricted my home phone so no 190x number can be called.It's a personal choice, but once that gives me peace of mind. You should call the service provider and ask them to remove you, and also issue you a refund for a service that you didn't request.

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Most other carriers and phone providers including the smaller ones that resell have similar web pages, so it won't hurt to check their web site.

I received an SMS from 19994333 while I was at home watching television, only realised this as about 15 minutes later I happened to get online and check my prepaid mobile account to see how my call charges were.

I saw this charge for a text, so checked my phone and there was an incoming text from 19994333 with the words "Play mobile money quiz and win of mobile call credits. I immediately rang Vodafone (who were closed over the New Year period) on 2 January and complained.

But today i got a sms again from: 19951111 and on my bill they charged me again .09...

It looks like sending STOP does not work on their system :( That was the fisrt thing I had disabled on my mobile when I bought my phone, a preventative measure, so that there was no chance I could be "stung", I also have no need to access Premium SMS numbers.

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