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One bright bullet passed right beside him as he jumped to a lower level.

When he landed, another bullet smashed a thick metal beam in front of him and was deviated to the left.

Kurt had the alien's head in his cross-hairs but before he could shoot, he saw the alien's blade flying toward an unknown destination. Vega took Kurt's bullet in the leg and fell to the ground just in time to evade the alien's blade that passed half an inch above his head.

Kurt didn't have time to see what happened to Vega, the moment he fired his gun, his position had been uncovered and he had to move fast.

The beast knew he was not fighting a regular human being.

It was the alien, looking down at the truck below, analyzing the situation. His heat sensors indicated that the soldiers sitting in the back of the military vehicle were too cold, like dead. He carefully climbed down the wall and swiftly jumped to the roof of the truck, ready to slash some heads... He immediately realized that the soldiers were not real. As fast as he had reached the truck's roof, the alien bounced away, just in time to evade a lightening fast bullet that passed through the truck's entire cabin ending in the ground below.

The alien was already planning his next move, even before he reached the metal pipe high above but when he did, a searing pain in his wounded arm made him lose his concentration for an instant. Kurt had both feet planted firmly on the ground and made a perfect final shot. The projectile had blown out the alien's helmet, causing vast damage to his head.

The beast had fallen to the dusty ground and Kurt approached him carefully.

Captain Vega had also followed the army truck despite Kurt's suggestion to stay away from the fight.

He was supposed to help Claudia with the girls' rescue.

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